Digitale Internationalisierung | Virtual Mobility

Foto: cnythzl/E+/GettyImages

As outlined in the internationalization strategy 2020 (PDF 495 KB), the FernUniversität in Hagen considers international digital teaching and learning, in the form of virtual mobility, to be a cornerstone of its academic positioning.

As a supplement or alternative to physical mobility, students at the FernUniversität have the opportunity to experience international university life and collaborate with students from other countries through virtual mobility. If your personal or professional situation does not allow you to have a physical stay abroad, you can still broaden your perspectives in a virtual setting.

Based on nine international/blended teaching projects, the International Office at the FernUniversität in Hagen, in close collaboration with our dedicated teaching staff, has compiled a set of guidelines to provide information and support for teaching staff interested in setting up a joint digital or blended learning unit with international partners and to address some of the most relevant issues for international digital teaching collaborations.

Intarnational | 16.10.2020