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New research priority: “Center for East Asia Macroeconomic Studies” [CEAMS]

New research centre: “Center for East Asia Macro-economic Studies” [CEAMeS]

In recent years the East Asian region and especially China has gained importance for the European economy. Exports into the growing markets of East Asia meanwhile play a crucial role as a driving force of the Western economies. Moreover, exports and international demand are also crucial for the domestic labour markets in Germany and the European Union in general. Thus, the economic rise of China highlights the growing importance of understanding and assessing the developments in East Asia in order to identify opportunities and challenges early. The purpose of the network and centre shall hence be to bring together experts on East Asia to promote research on this topic.

The chairs of macroeconomics and international economics at the FernUniversität in Hagen are pleased to announce the foundation of a new centre for research: the Center for East Asia Macro-economic Studies. The objective is it to expand this research centre into an international network for researchers who are, interested in China and other East Asian economies, together with the corresponding macroeconomic methods. Thus workshops will be organised on an annual basis, which will, on the one hand, provide research associates of the centre with the opportunity to present current papers concerning China and East Asia topics while, on the other, offer a forum for discussion and initiating collective research projects and publications among colleagues. Moreover, an online platform for scientific exchange of new and relevant works, as well as general information and references to worldwide activities on East Asia macroeconomic research, is planned. Finally, temporary research visits to the University of Hagen for members of the network will be set up in the midterm.

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