Michael Aizenman: From Ising model to random matrices and back

Nalini Anantharaman: Quantum ergodicity on large graphs

Michael Demuth: On eigenvalues of non-selfadjoint operators. A comparison of two approaches

Martin Gebert: Schatten class estimates for pairs of Fermi projections of continuum random Schrödinger operators, the spectral shift function and Anderson's orthogonality

Fritz Gesztesy: A bound for the eigenvalue counting function for Krein–von Neumann extensions for elliptic 2nd order partial differential operators on bounded sets

Eman Hamza: Random Quantum Walks: Spectral and Dynamical Aspects

Boris Khoruzhenko: How Many Equilibria Will a Large Complex System Have?

Abel Klein: Eigensystem Bootstrap Multiscale Analysis for the Anderson Model

Frédéric Klopp: Interacting particles in a random background

Shinichi Kotani: Level statistics of eigenvalues for 1D Schrödinger operators with random decaying potentials

Nariyuki Minami: On the Schrödinger operator with decaying white noise potential

Stanislav Molchanov: Spectral theory of the Schrödinger operators on the nested fractals

Leonid Pastur: Large block behavior of the entanglement entropy of disordered fermions

Christian Sadel: SDE limits for products of random matrices and GOE statistics for rescaled Anderson models on long strips

Mira Shamis: On the Wegner orbital model

Peter Stollmann: Unique continuation for the Laplacian on graphs

Ivan Veselić: Hadamard's three circle Theorem, Carleman estimates, and scale-free unique continuation for random Schrödinger operators

Time \ Date Tuesday 05-17 Wednesday 05-18 Thursday 05-19
09-10 Klein Pastur Kotani
10-11 Hamza Khoruzhenko Gesztesy
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Stollmann Demuth
12:30-12:35 Group Photograph
14-15 Anantharaman Aizenman Minami
15-16 Sadel Shamis Gebert
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16:30-17.30 Klopp Molchanov

Conference Dinner

Hayk Asatryan | 12.05.2016
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