Social programme

We could organise optional excursions on Monday and Friday like guided tours through Hagen or museum visits. Please note that you have to pay for these excursions.

Please contact Wolfgang Spitzer to register for an excursion.

Guided tours in Hagen

  • HAGEN tourist information (in German) [externer Link]

    Each of the guided tours takes about 2 hours and costs about 8 Euro per person.

  • Tour through the city centre

    This tour visualises the development of the inner city from its foundations to the modern museum quarter and shopping centres.

  • Tour from the peoples' park to the museum quarter

    The tour focuses on buildings and visual arts in the inner city from the era around 1900.

  • Tour churches in Hagen

    In this tour you visit the churches and the synagogue which are located around the inner city.

Museum quarter

  • Osthaus Museum Hagen [externer Link]

    The Osthaus Museum shows modern visual arts. There is a permanent installation called "Architecture of Memory" by Sigrid Sigurdsson. Moreover, there are two special exhibitions of contemporary artists in May 2016; one of paintings and objects of Ardan Özmenoglu and the other one of the painters Herbert Brandl and Julian Khol.

    Price for a day ticket: 6 Euro incl. entrance to the Emil Schumacher Museum (4 Euro per person for a group of at least 12)

  • Emil Schumacher Museum Hagen [externer Link]

    This museum is build up around works of Emil Schumacher (1912-1999) who was born in Hagen. The exhibition "Boscone - Fascination Tree" will be shown during May 2016.

    Price for a day ticket: 6 Euro incl. entrance to the Osthaus Museum (4 Euro per person for a group of at least 12)

Outdoor museum Hagen

  • LWL Freilichtmuseum Hagen (in German) [externer Link]

    The outdoor museum shows buildings and the history of local craft and industry from the 18th to the 20th century. In several of the factory you can watch manufactorer, e.g. blacksmiths, working like in former days.

    Price for a day ticket: 7 Euro (5,50 Euro in group)

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