Article “Personal Carbon Trading—Lost in the Policy Primeval Soup?“ published in Sustainability.


Recently, the journal “Sustainability” has published the article “Personal Carbon Trading—Lost in the Policy Primeval Soup?“. In this contribution, Fabio Bothner, researcher at the Chair of policy research and environmental politics, applies the multiple streams approach (MSA) to analyze why the instrument of personal carbon trading (PCT) has not been deployed to reduce carbon gas emissions.

A systematic literature review revealed that PCT does not meet several of “survival criteria” defined by the MSA. This applies especially to the financial viability and the normative acceptance of this policy proposal. The article is Fabio Bothner’s second publication on the issue of PCT. In a previous study, he focused on the distributional effects of PCT. Further publications on the topic are planned for the future.

The article is accessible at:

The previous study can be found at: [German].

Hanno Hahn | 01.12.2022