Special Issue on bioeconomic policy published under the auspices of “Bio-Ecopoli”


The Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning has published Special Issue 23/2 titled „The Bioeconomy as an Emerging Policy Field“, edited by members of the Bio-Ecopoli research team Thomas Vogelpohl and Annette Elisabeth Töller. In their introduction, openly accessible here, the editors provide an overview over the motivations behind the special issue as well as the contributions contained therein.

In addition, Annette Elisabeth Töller and Thomas Vogelpohl have cooperated with fellow Bio-Ecopoli researchers Katrin Beer and Michael Böcher to contribute the article „Is bioeconomy policy a policy field? A conceptual framework and findings on the European Union and Germany” to this special issue. Elaborating their conceptual framework on policy fields, they pose (and answer) the question, whether bioeconomy policy in Germany and Europe can be viewed as an established policy field and what this implies. It can be found here.


An overview of the special issue is available here.

The publication of the special issue has also been announced on the Bio-Ecopoli project website (in German).

Hanno Hahn | 12.07.2022