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"A Refactoring Constraint Language and its Application to Eiffel"

AutorInnen: Friedrich Steimann
Christian Kollee
Jens von Pilgrim
Kategorie: Konferenzbandbeiträge
erschienen in: ECOOP (2011) 255-280.

We generalize previous work on constraint-based refactoring and develop it into the definition of a constraint language allowing the specification of constraint-based refactorings in a completely declarative way. We present a compiler that transforms specifications in our language to plug-ins for an IDE that, together with an accompanying framework providing the necessary infrastructure, implement the specified refactoring tools. We evaluate our approach by presenting specifications of three different refactorings for the Eiffel programming language, and by applying the resulting refactoring tools to several sample programs. Outcome suggests that our approach is indeed viable.

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Friedrich Steimann | 03.05.2012
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