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"Content over container: Object-oriented programming with multiplicities"

AutorInnen: Friedrich Steimann
Kategorie: Konferenzbandbeiträge
erschienen in: Proc. of Onward!/SPLASH (2013), Pages 173-186

In object-oriented programs, the relationship of an object to many objects is usually implemented using a collection. This is in contrast to a relationship to one object, which is usually realized as a direct value. However, using collections for relationships to many objects does not only mean that accessing the related objects always requires accessing the collection first, it also presents a lurking maintenance problem that manifests itself when a relationship needs to be changed from to-one to to-many or vice versa. To address these issues, we suggest the extension of object-oriented programming with multiplicities, that is, with expressions that evaluate to an arbitrary number of objects not wrapped in a container.

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Friedrich Steimann | 01.09.2014
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