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„Fuzzy medical diagnosis“

AutorInnen: Friedrich Steimann
Klaus-Peter Adlassnig
Kategorie: Buchbeiträge
erschienen in: EH Ruspini, PP Bonissone, W Pedrycz (eds) Handbook of Fuzzy Computation (IOP Publishing, Bristol 1998) G13.1:1–G13.1:14

Despite all standardization efforts, medical diagnosis is still considered an art. Much of this status is owed to the fact that medical diagnosis requires a proficiency in coping with uncertainty simply not found in today's computing machinery. Offering a generic and powerful framework for the remodelling of existing systems and the paradigms they are based on, fuzzy set theory promises to be a valuable contribution to the advancement of medical computing, particularly as implementations begin to proliferate. With our work we provide an overview of fuzzy medical systems covering three different aspects of diagnosis: scoring, consultation, and diagnostic monitoring.

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06.05.2008 12:20
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