The Struggle Over Power


Prof. Dr. Maykel Verkuyten wird im Fakultätskolloquium einen Vortrag zur Beteiligung muslimischer Migranten in der Politik halten. Interessierte Hochschulmitglieder sind herzlich eingeladen.

Im Rahmen des Fakultätskolloquiums wird Prof. Dr. Maykel Verkuyten, der zu Gast im Lehrgebiet Community Psychology ist, einen Vortrag zum Thema: The struggle over power: Attitudes towards participation of Muslim immigrants in the political domain halten.

Abstract des Vortrags:

Many studies have examined acculturation attitudes of immigrants and the ways in which majority members respond to immigrants’ social and cultural integration. Yet, research has largely ignored attitudes towards integration in various institutions and in the formal political domain in particular. This is unfortunate because the political aspect of the integration process implies that immigrant-origin groups become politically active within the existing political system and this can have consequences for existing power relations. I will discuss our recent empirical work on the way that majority members evaluate different political integration strategies of immigrant-origin groups. In addition, I will consider how immigrant-origin groups themselves evaluate these strategies for their own ethnic group and also how they evaluate these strategies when adopted by another immigrant minority group.

Alle interessierten Hochschulmitglieder sind eingeladen.

Termin: Mittwoch, 28.11.2018 12.30 - 13.45 Uhr

Raum: Gebäude 2 (Seminargebäude), Raum 4+5

Fakultät für Psychologie | 06.11.2018