M.Sc. Dorothee Mischkowski

M.Sc. Dorothee Mischkowski

E-Mail: Dorothee Mischkowski
Tel.: +49 2331 987 - 2198

Academic background

  • Since 06/2016: Researcher in the Department of Cognitive Psychology: Judgment, Decision Making, University of Hagen
  • 03/2016 – 06/2016: Visiting Researcher at the UCLA Law School, Los Angeles, USA
  • Since 04/2013: Doctoral Candidate with Prof. Dr. Andreas Glöckner, University of Göttingen
  • 09/2012: Master of Science in Psychology, University of Heidelberg
  • 09/2009: Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology, Harz University of Applied Science

Research Fokus

  • Cooperation behavior in social dilemmas
  • Dual Process Models
  • Legal Judgments
  • Cheating Behavior


Mischkowski, D., & Glöckner, A. (2016). Spontaneous cooperation for prosocials, but not for proselfs: Social value orientation moderates spontaneous cooperation behavior. Scientific reports, 6.