14-17 September 2017

On the 14th September 2017 Renate Reiter, head of the project team in Hagen, presented some insights into the project results in terms of the role of doctors in the policy process on the 15th Annual ESPAnet Europe Conference. The project team was able to tie in with the first ideas of the research presented on the ESPAnet Conference two years ago. The presentation can be viewed on our website under point Publications.

​​17 March 2017

On the 17th March the project team joined in the Berlin regional centre of the FernUniversität Hagen for a meeting with experts in health policy and health economy. The project members invited Magali Robelet from University Lyon 2, Yann Bourgeuil from Institute for Research and Information in health economics, Tanja Klenk from the University of Kassel, Stefan Greß from the University of Applied Science Fulda and Anne-Laure Beaussiere, who will join the project team to work on the Swedish case henceforth. After short presentations about the different country cases the experts gave detailed comments about the current state of the cases, followed by a lively subject-specific discussion. We want to thank the experts for the qualified comments and will include the results of the project workshop in our further research.

​​Projekttreffen in Berlin, Gruppenfoto​​

16-19 February 2017

The inaugural “International Health Policy Conference” (IHPC) hosted by the London School of Economics & Political Science brought together policy-makers and academics from a wide range of disciplines to discuss key health and social care issues. The scope of conference themes ranged from “International Health Systems” to “Regulation and Assessment of Health Technologies”. The research project participated in poster presentations, which stimulated debate at the very centre of the conference.

The poster can be viewed here: Project Poster (pdf)

7 February 2017

On the 7th February Prof. Thomas Gerlinger, head of the project team in Bielefeld, took part at the discussion forum “Münsterlandgespräche – Medizinische Versorgung im ländlichen Raum”, hosted by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. The forum considered various questions about the future of medical provision in rural regions and gave an insight in current leverage points for securing an extensive medical coverage.

7-10 September 2016

On the 10th September Renate Reiter and Patrick Hassenteufel represented the project team at the ECPR General Conference in Prague. In the course of the panel “Institutions and Social Policy Outcomes” within the section “Comparative Welfare State Politics” Hassenteufel and Reiter displayed some insights in the project relating to the topic “The Politics of Territorial Inequalities to medical care – Germany, France, England and Sweden compared”.

Further details can be found here: https://ecpr.eu/Events/PaperDetails.aspx?PaperID=30178&EventID=95

10-14 July 2016

The project team took part in discussions at the 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology in Vienna, Austria. On the 11th July Patrick Hassenteufel, Rüdiger Henkel and Caspar Lückenbach presented the project and some preliminary results to a joint session of the ISA Research Committees RC15 (Sociology of Health) and RC52 (Sociology of Professional Groups). The session explored key aspects of “the future health workforce we need” and provided a unique opportunity for scholars from different fields of research to debate current problems of health professions, health policy and planning. Research Committees of the International Sociological Association bring together scholars pursuing comparative research on a transnational basis and constitute basic networks of scientific research, intellectual debate and professional exchange.

8 June 2016

On the 8th June 2016 Renate Reiter presented insights from the research project as part of the course of lectures "wissenschaftsgepräche" of the "Hagener Forschungsdialog" at the FernUniversität Hagen. The audience, composed of scientists and researchers from the FernUniversität, got information about the contents and the hypotheses of the project as well as about preliminarily results from the analysis of documents of national legislation. After the presentation there was a lively discussion with the present researchers on several aspects of the project.

3-5 September 2015

On the 4th September 2015 Renate Reiter presented preliminary insights from the beginning project on the annual ESPAnet conference “The Lost and the New Worlds of Welfare” in Odense, Denmark. The conference is held annualy by the European Network for Social Policy Analyses. Within the context of stream 18: “The Politics of the Welfare State”, Renate Reiter talked about the basic parameters of the project and the basic hypotheses. Furthermore she presented first insights from a study of the recent national legislation in the field of supply policy in Germany, France and England.

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