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Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Gerlinger

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Gerlinger
phone: +49 521 106-5161
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Thomas Gerlinger is one of the project leaders and head of the project group in Bielefeld. He studied political science at Philipps-University in Marburg, received his Doctor’s degrees in philosophy (Dr. phil.) and theoretical medicine (Dr. rer. med) at Goethe-University in Frankfurt and his habilitation (post-doctoral lecture qualification) at the University of Bremen. Since 2010, he is professor at Bielefeld University (School for Public Health) and Head of the Working Group “Health Care Systems, Health Policy, and Sociology of Health”. His research interests are focussed on German and European health care policy and comparative health care systems research.

Caspar Lückenbach

Caspar-Daniel Lückenbach, M. Sc. Public Health
phone: +49 521 106-4254

Caspar Daniel Lückenbach studied Health Communication (2009-2012) and Public Health (2012-2014) at Bielefeld University. Starting as student assistant, he is a member of the Working Group “Health Care Systems, Health Policy, and Sociology of Health” since 2010. His research interests include comparative health system analysis and citizen/patient participation in health care.

Sarah Blauwitz, B.A.
phone: 49 (0)521/106-4212

Sarah Blauwitz holds a Bachelor degree in Therapy- and Health Management and is currently studying in the Public Health Master’s program at Bielefeld University. Since March 2017 she is joining the project team as a research assistant for the working group “Health Care Systems, Health Policy and Sociology of Health” at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Bielefeld University.

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