The electric power of 1.5 nW is perceptible

Projektleitung W. Kirsch
Umsetzung H. Asatryan, E. Grycko, W. Kirsch, T. Mühlenbruch
Technisches Management M. Fleermann


In the context of Energy Harvesting (cf. [1],[3]) one is interested in consumer loads whose work necessitates only minimal electric power. We address here a similar problem, namely that of perceptibility of electric power. We say that an electric power P is perceptible if it is sufficient for a consumer load whose work can be sensed by a human. In [2] the power P necessitated by commercially available economical consumer loads is determined empirically. The investigation of a quartz watch reveals in particular that the electric power

(1.1) P = 3.6 10−6 W

causes a visible movement of the seconds hand and is therefore perceptible.

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Fabian Wyskott | 01.07.2019