Englisch B1/B2 International Legal English: Corporate, EU, contract law

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Vorkenntnisse: abgeschlossene Niveaustufe B1

This course has been designed for everyone with a legal background, who wish to improve their speaking skills or aiming to work in an international legal environment.
It covers the main legal areas of IL and provides a wide range of tasks in order to brush up and improve conversation skills from small talk to large group discussion.
Active listening, asking questions, non verbal communication and intercultural input will help you to connect with colleagues, partners and clients.

In unserer Reihe "International Legal English" im Niveau B1/B2 finden Sie diese drei Angebote:
243-75826 Commercial, company, tax law
243-75828 Corporate, EU, contract law
243-75830 Employment law, environmental law, real property law

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