5th Workshop on Dynamics of Knowledge and Belief (DKB-2015)   and   4th Workshop KI & Kognition (KIK-2015):

Formal and Cognitive Reasoning

Workshop at the

38th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI-2015)

September 21-25, 2015, Dresden, Germany

Organized by the FG Wissensrepräsentation und Schließen and FG Kognition of the GI

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Aims and Scope

Information for real life AI applications is usually pervaded by uncertainty and subject to change, and thus demands for non-classical reasoning approaches. At the same time, psychological findings indicate that human reasoning cannot be completely described by classical logical systems. Sources of explanations are incomplete knowledge, incorrect beliefs, or inconsistencies. Generally, people employ both inductive and deductive reasoning to arrive at beliefs; but the same argument that is inductively strong or powerful may be deductively invalid. Therefore, a wide range of reasoning mechanism has to be considered, such as analogical or defeasible reasoning. The field of knowledge representation and reasoning offers a rich palette of methods for uncertain reasoning both to describe human reasoning and to model AI approaches. Its many facets like qualitative vs. quantitative reasoning, argumentation and negotiation in multi-agent systems, causal reasoning for action and planning, as well as nonmonotonicity and belief revision, among many others, have become very active fields of research. Beyond computational aspects, these methods aim to reflect the rich variety of human reasoning in uncertain and dynamic environments.

The aim of this series of workshops is to address recent challenges and to present novel approaches to uncertain reasoning and belief change in their broad senses, and in particular provide a forum for research work linking different paradigms of reasoning. Previous events of the Workshop on "Dynamics of Knowledge and Belief" (DKB) took place in Osnabrück (2007), Paderborn (2009), Berlin (2011), and Koblenz (2013). Previous editions of the Workshop on "KI & Kognition" (KIK) took place in Saarbrücken (2012), Koblenz (2013), and Stuttgart (2014).

This year, we put a special focus on papers from both fields that provide a base for connecting formal-logical models of knowledge representation and cognitive models of reasoning, addressing formal as well as experimental or heuristic issues. Reflecting this focus, the workshop "Formal and Cognitive Reasoning" at KI-2015 is organized jointly by the GI special interest groups FG Wissensrepräsentation und Schließen and FG Kognition. We welcome papers on the following and any related topics:


The proceedings will be published in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings series (now available: CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 1444). It is planned to publish a selection of extended papers after a post-workshop reviewing process in a special issue of an international journal.

Workshop Organizers and Co-Chairs

Christoph Beierle FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany
Gabriele Kern-Isberner TU Dortmund, Germany
Marco Ragni Universität Freiburg, Germany
Frieder Stolzenburg Hochschule Harz, Germany

Program Committee

Thomas Barkowsky Universität Bremen, Germany
Gerd Brewka Universität Leipzig, Germany
Igor Douven Paris-Sorbonne University, France
Christian Freksa Universität Bremen, Germany
Ulrich Furbach Universität Koblenz, Germany
Joachim Hertzberg Universität Osnabrück, Germany
Andreas Herzig Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Steffen Hölldobler Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Manfred Kerber University of Birmingham, UK
Gerhard Lakemeyer RWTH Aachen, Germany
Bernhard Nebel Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany
Henri Prade IRIT - CNRS, France
Hans Rott Universität Regensburg, Germany
Ute Schmid Universität Bamberg, Germany
Matthias Thimm Universität Koblenz-Landau, Germany
Paul Thorn Universität Düsseldorf, Germany
Hans Tompits TU Wien, Austria
Christoph Wernhard Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Stefan Wölfl Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany

Important Dates

Deadline for Submission: July 10, 2015 (extended)
Notification of Authors: July 31, 2015
Final Versions of Papers: August 17, 2015
Workshop: September 22, 2015   (exact workshop day to be confirmed)

Submission Details

Papers should be formated according to the Springer LNCS format. The length of each paper should not exceed 10-12 pages. All papers must be written in English and submitted in PDF format via the EasyChair system.

Local Information

Local information can be found on the web pages of the KI-2015 conference.

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