Extended- abstract accepted for presentation at DL 2023


The extended-abstract “Eviction and Reception for Description Logic Ontologies (Preliminary Results)” by Ricardo Guimaraes (University of Bergen), Ana Ozaki (University of Bergen) and Jandson S Ribeiro, has been accepted for presentation at DL 23.


Abstract of the paper

"Eviction and Reception for Description Logic Ontologies" (Preliminary Results)

by Ricardo Guimarães, Ana Ozaki and Jandson S. Ribeiro

Abstract: In this work, we consider the problem of modifying a knowledge base in the light of a (set of) models, while preserving the finite representation of the new knowledge base. We analyse the operation of removing models, called eviction, and the operation of adding models, called reception. Given that not all description logics (DLs) are eviction and reception compatible, we analyse natural restrictions of the general problem. In particular, we investigate eviction and reception in DL knowledge bases (ontologies), focusing on the very popular EL language and ALC extended with boolean operators over the axioms.

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