Careers at the FernUniversität

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Job Opportunities

Over 1,800 people work at the FernUniversität in a wide variety of different roles. The FernUniversität offers excellent working conditions for employees in all areas of the university, from research to administration. Interested in joining us? You can find our current job postings in our job portal.

Job Opportunities at the FernUniversität (German)

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Family-Friendly University

The FernUniversität is committed to promoting a family-friendly work environment. For example, the FernUni offers the option of flexible working hours to meet your family’s needs, or help with childcare at the MiniCampus. The Family Services team is happy to provide further advice and assistance.

Family Services (German)

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Vocational Training

The FernUniversität also offers vocational training. With the option of either classical vocational training or a dual study program which combines academic study and on-the-job training, the FernUniversität is an excellent place to start your career.

Vocational Training at the FernUniversität (German)

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Professional Development

Through professional development and continuing education, you can keep your knowledge up to date and continuously develop new professional skills. The FernUniversität offers an extensive range of professional development opportunities to all its employees.

Professional Development at the FernUniversität (German)

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New to the FernUni?

Welcome to the FernUniversität in Hagen! We have collected the most important information to help you get off to a great start.

Getting Started at the FernUni

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What Sets us Apart

A positive working environment which values community, career and personal development, and work-life balance. Learn more about the reasons to work at the FernUniversität.

What Sets us Apart (German)