Extended- abstract accepted for KR 2023


The extended-abstract “Finite Based Contraction and Expansion via Models” by Ricardo Guimaraes (University of Bergen), Ana Ozaki (University of Bergen) and Jandson S Ribeiro, has been accepted for presentation at KR 23 in the Recently Published Research Track.


"Finite Based Contraction and Expansion via Models"

by Ricardo Guimarães, Ana Ozaki and Jandson S. Ribeiro

Abstract: We propose a new paradigm for Belief Change in which the new information is represented as sets of models, while the agent's body of knowledge is represented as a finite set of formulae, that is, a finite base. We define new Belief Change operations akin to traditional expansion and contraction, and we identify the rationality postulates that emerge due to the finite representability requirement.vWe also analyse different logics concerning compatibility with our framework.

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