Talk by Patrizio Bifulco

On February 22nd, 2023, Patrizio Bifulco (FernUniversität in Hagen) gave a talk about "Single and Attractive: Uniqueness and Stability of Economic Equilibria under Monotonicity Assumptions" as part of the research seminar Analysis of the FernUniversität in Hagen. This lecture is partially supported by the COST action Mathematical models for interacting dynamics on networks.


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In this talk we present a theorem providing sufficient conditions for uniqueness and attractivity (respectively stability) of solutions for fixed point equations in a certain class of models motivated by trade economics. We briefly discuss the uniqueness in our theorem and present how Perron-Frobenius theory for irreducible matrices plays an important role there. Further, we give a comparison of our theory to some results coming from nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory.

To illustrate the applicability of our theorem, we characterize the general equilibrium properties of two simplified but commonly used quantitative trade models afterwards.

This project is based on a preprint in collaboration with Jochen Glück (University of Wuppertal), Oliver Krebs (ETH Zürich) and Bohdan Kukharskyy (City University of New York).

Video of the talk

Patrizio Bifulco | 10.05.2024