B*IMA Chair at inaugural event "Digital Health in the Ruhr Metropolitan Region"


The inaugural event "Digital Health in the Metropole Ruhr", organized by the Regionalverband Ruhr and the FernUniversität, today brought together and networked actors and designers of the healthcare sector as well as interested parties on the campus in Hagen and virtually via livestream. In various presentations and panels, the opportunities and perspectives of IT-supported healthcare were discussed from political, economic, medical and scientific perspectives and an overview of current developments in the Ruhr region was given.

The B*IMA team was also involved here in various ways and represented on site:
Prof. Winkler drew a cross-national comparison between Denmark and Germany in general and the Ruhr region in particular, and discussed strategies, infrastructures and framework conditions of a digitalized healthcare system based on his experiences from past research at the Copenhagen Business School. In addition, staff members of the chair created self-designed posters on current research projects in the field of digital health and presented them on site to interested participants.

A photo insight of the event can be found on our social media channel (LinkedIn).