The European Society of Early Modern Philosophy/Europäische Gesellschaft für frühneuzeitliche Philosophie (ESEMP) e.V. is an international association of scholars and scholarly institutions.

The ESEMP regards itself according to its bylaws as an "independent European forum", whose objective is to explore early modern European philosophy in the entire context of its national and regional traditions and toadvance studies of this epoch in a European context. For this purpose it attempts to unite the impulses of European research.

The ESEMP is the only scholarly society in the world dedicating itself to the early modern age in its entirety, i. e. the period between approx. 1400 and 1700, examining epochs of late scholasticism, renaissance, humanism, reformation and the early enlightenment in their European context.

In order to promote the international character of the ESEMP, its presidency is scheduled after three years to rotate to a different European country, which is then the location for the international ESEMP congress. Hagen, Germany (in the state of Northrhine-Westphalia), is the legal domicile of the ESEMP. An ESEMP research center is located at the Lehrgebiet Philosophie I of the Fernuniversität in Hagen.