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For publicly funded research units in the field of computer science the publication of open source software constitutes one way of knowledge transfer, giving back to the public what belongs to the public. Software developed at the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction is provided here with only some usage restrictions such as non-commerciality.

Freehand Acquisition of 3D Objects

Adore - Applicable dynamic object reconstruction environment

Authors: Klaus Häming, Sergey Cheremukhin, Andrei Tchouev

adore.zip, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE

The use of this material for military and/or intelligence purposes is disapproved.

This work was enabled by funding of the German Research Foundation (DFG), grant PE 887/3-3.

Object with Reconstructed Point Cloud

Adore is a computer vision library containing algorithms which facilitate the creation of structure from motion software. It contains modules for

- feature detection and matching,
- epipolar geometry estimation,
- bundle adjustment,
- autocalibration, and
- visualization.

The scientific background of Adore is described in

Klaus Häming and Gabriele Peters,
The Structure-from-Motion Reconstruction Pipeline - A Survey with Focus on Short Image Sequences,
Kybernetika, Vol. 46 (5), pp. 926-937, 2010.

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