Prof. Dr. Andrea Bosco, Director of the Lothian Foundation, Jean Monnet Professor on the History and Theory of European Unification at the University of Florence

The case for a Constitutional reform of the European Union: From the creation of a 'federal' budget to full co-decision between Council and Parliament

Termin: 08.07.2021

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Der Vortrag wurde in englischer Sprache gehalten. Summary:

The acceleration of the process of European unification, consequent to the significant increase in the Commission’s spending capacity, poses the question of the creation of a real federal budget, available to an executive responsible in front of two branches of a Parliament with equal powers. The fundamental issue to be faced, on which the entry of the unification process into its final phase – or its failure – depends, appears to be that of the full co-decision between the Council and Parliament. Andrea Bosco is Director of the Lothian Foundation. He has been Jean Monnet “ad personam” Chairholder on the History and Theory of European Integration at the University of Florence, and South Bank University, London. He has published extensively on the history and theory of federalism and European unification, and on British Imperial and foreign policy in the Twentieth century, with a number of books to his credit, including: The Federal Idea; A Constitution for Europe; Chatham House and British Foreign Policy 1919-1945; Lord Lothian and the Creation of the Atlantic System; Towards a Substantial European Union: The Euro and the Struggle for the Creation of a New Global Currency; June 1940. Great Britain and the First Attempt to Create a European Union; The Round Table Movement and the Fall of the ‘Second’ British Empire; and Democracy, Federalism, the European Revolution and Global Governance, among others.

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