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Allocation of seminar applicants – A goal programming approach

AutorInnen: Kleine, A.
Dellnitz, A.
Kategorie: Gesamtverzeichnis
Forschungsthema: Data Envelopment Analysis
  Journal of Business Economics, Springer 2017, 87(7), 927-941, DOI 10.1007/s11573-017-0858-4.

The allocation of seminar applicants is an important issue in educational planning, and each semester a university administration has to deal with this kind of problem. The task here is to reconcile the preferences and priorities of the students, professorships and the university administration itself. This paper shows that if the planning procedure is based on a simple selection strategy, the capacity utilization can be suboptimal; this result is evidenced by a simulation study. To remedy this deficit—and to justify the respective interests—we propose a mixed-integer goal programming approach for assigning students to seminar courses. In addition, we show that this problem can be reformulated into a linear one. All investigations in this paper are illustrated by a real-world application for the University of Hagen, Germany.

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