Papier akzeptiert für die BPM2022


Das Papier "Measuring Inconsistency in Business Process Specifications." von Carl Corea, John Grant und Matthias Thimm wurde für die "20th Business Process Management Conference" (BPM2022) in Münster, Deutschland akzeptiert.

Inhalt des Papiers

Measuring Inconsistency in Business Process Specifications.

by Carl Corea, John Grant and Matthias Thimm

Abstract: We address the problem of measuring inconsistency in declarative process specifications, with an emphasis on linear temporal logic(LTL). As we will show, existing inconsistency measures for classical logiccannot provide a meaningful assessment of inconsistency in LTL, as they cannot adequately handle the temporal operators. We therefore proposea novel paraconsistent semantics as a framework for inconsistency measurement. We then present two new inconsistency measures based on these semantics and show that they satisfy important desirable properties. We show how these measures can be applied to declarative process models and investigate the computational complexity of the introduced approach.

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