Minisymposium on “Variational Methods and Equations on Graphs”

June 20-26, 2021, Portorož, Slovenia

The aim of this minisymposium, which will be organized in the framework of 8th European Congress of Mathematics, is to develop different aspects of dynamical systems jointed by an underlying network structure. Following the invitation of Delio Mugnolo (Hagen) and Aleksandra Puchalska (Warsaw), experts in the areas of spectral geometry for the asymptotic analysis of parabolic equations, quadratic form methods for extension theory, and optimal transport; and their applications to continuous, discrete, or hybrid models of networks; parabolic and hyperbolic equations; problems posed on large networks, fractal or quantum graphs will gather in Portorož.

The list of participants includes

  • Felix Ali Mehmeti (Valenciennes, FR)
  • Jacek Banasiak (Pretoria, ZA)
  • András Batkai (Feldkirch, AT)
  • Adam Bobrowski (Lublin, PL)
  • Carlotta Donadello (Besançon, FR; to be confirmed)
  • Ernesto Estrada (Zaragoza, Spain)
  • Matthias Erbar (Bonn, DE)
  • Mauro Garavello (Milan, IT)
  • Adam Gregosiewicz (Lublin, PL)
  • Sven Gnutzmann (Nottingham, UK; to be confirmed
  • Amru Hussein (Kaiserslautern, DE; to be confirmed)
  • Pavel Kurasov (Stockholm, SE)
  • Maria Rosaria Lancia (Rome, IT)
  • Amir Leshem (Bar-Ilan, IL)
  • James Kennedy (Lisbon, PT)
  • José Mazon (Valencia, ES)
  • Noema Nicolussi (Vienna, AT; to be confirmed)
  • Erin J. Pearse
  • Petr Stehlik (Pilsen, CZ; to be confirmed)
  • Radosław Wojciechowski (New York, US; to be confirmed)
Please contact the organizers if you are interested in participating.