Informatikzentrum, 2nd floor, section G
Universitätsstr. 1 (previously called: Feithstr. 142)
58084 Hagen

Email: kooperative.systeme
Phone: +49 2331 987-4365
Fax: +49 2331 987-313

Campus Map & Directions

Photo: FernUniversität
Informatikzentrum, Universitätsstr.11 (Building 3)

Location of the chair

Our offices are located at the 2nd floor, section G of the Informatikzentrum, Universitätsstr. 1/Feithstr. 142.

You can reach us using two entrances at the ground floor level:

  • Entrance Informatikzentrum
    Leave the Feithstraße and enter the Universitätsstr. at the next traffic light north of the exit Feithstr./Hagen-Boele of the highway A46.
    After only a few meters you will see an access road on the left, which leads to the Entrance of the Informatikzentrum. At the end of this access road you will find 5 parking slots for disabled people and the entrance.
    Behind the door you will turn right and find the escalator and the stairs around the next corner on your right. All doors of the seconbd floor are marked in red color. After leaving the escalator you go straight through the next glass door and see our offices in section G on the left side.
  • Entrance TGZ
    The main entrance is located at the central place in front of the AVZ I towards the direction of the Feithstraße. In the TGZ building you will find an escalator on the right side. Go to the second floor and proceed through thenextz two sections (separated by glass doors). The next section is section G, which contains our offices on the right side.

Campus Map