Legal Profession Group Meeting 2014

Frauenchiemsee July 6-9, 2014

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1 Legal Profession

1.2 Professional Innovations and Influences: European and International Aspects

  • Helen Hartnell:
    European Legal Elites: Building the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Amsterdam, Tampere and Civil Justice
  • Ole Hammerslev:
    Assisting State Reform in Post-Cold War Eastern Europe: Western lawyer involvement in Eastern Europe
  • Sara Dezelay:
    Law professionals and legal practices on the African continent: colonial legacies and dynamics of internationalization
  • Wes Pue:
    Professional innovations from outside the metropolis: 19th century Birmingham and early 20th century Winnipeg
  • Bev Baines:
    Refusing to License Evangelical Christian Law Graduates, Feminism, and the Constitution: Canada’s 21st Century Controversy.
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