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Professor Stefan Smolnik präsentiert Artikel auf der AMCIS 2017

Der Artikel "Guerilla Marketing Using Social Media as a Success Strategy in Crowdfunding Campaigns: Towards a Research Model" von unserer Master-Studentin Elena Jährig, Dr. Katharina Ebner, Olivia Hornung und Professor Stefan Smolnik wurde zur Präsentation und Veröffentlichung auf der 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2017) angenommen. Die AMCIS 2017 findet vom 10.08.2017 bis zum 12.08.2017 im Sheraton Boston statt. Professor Stefan Smolnik präsentiert den Artikel im Rahmen der AMCIS 2017.

Elena Jährig, Katharina Ebner, Olivia Hornung, Stefan Smolnik: Guerilla Marketing Using Social Media as a Success Strategy in Crowdfunding Campaigns: Towards a Research Model

Zusammenfassung: Crowdfunding enables project initiators to obtain money from unknown supporters worldwide to finance their business ideas. To receive funding, an adequate and effective communication between project initiators and supporters is very important. However, traditional marketing activities’ high costs are often unaffordable. Therefore, guerrilla marketing represents an unconventional and inexpensive way to gain reach and popularity, especially if done via social media. Research has largely neglected the ways different marketing activities and social media influence crowdfunding success. The contribution of our paper is that we provide a theoretical and integrative understanding of how guerrilla marketing has an influence on crowdfunding success via social media. We derive a preliminary model on crowdfunding success from literature and test it against seven cases of crowdfunding campaigns which employed guerrilla marketing in their social media campaigns. Subsequently, using inductive case analysis, we extend the current understanding of crowdfunding success to an initial research model.

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