Lara-Madeleine Kapschak-Weigel

Lara-Madeleine Kapschak-Weigel Photo: Fotostudio Judith Scheffler

Email: lara-madeleine.kapschak

Room: Room A209, Building 5 (PRG)


  • since 2022: Student assistant at the FernUniversität in Hagen, Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences, Chair of Adult and Continuing Education
  • since 2022: Freelancing tutor for adult education courses in the field of EDP, working methods and communication
  • since 2021: B. A. student of Political Science, Administrative Science and Sociology at the FernUniversität in Hagen
  • 2016–2021: Online marketing manager as well as trainee supervisor (IHK) in e-commerce
  • 2015–2016: General qualification for university entrance at the vocational college for business and administration in Siegen (Germany)
  • 2014–2015: Scholarship / young ambassador in Tallahassee, FL, USA; Congress-Bundestag-Youth-Exchange of the German Bundestag and US Congress; Studies: Sociology, Tallahassee Community College; Occupation: Office management, Animal Genetics Inc.; Internship: South Carolina State House, Columbia
  • 2011–2014: Apprenticeship as an office administrator
  • 2008–2011: Associate degree and certified assistant in the field of foreign languages and office communication