M.A. Educational sciences - Modul C1

Module C1 — Methods and didactics of adult education (formerly Module 7C)

Offered in winter and summer semesters.


The core of the module is an examination of the methodological and didactic specifics of adult education. After approaching the subject of adult education, initially on the basis of general principles, we take a focused look at didactic action in the field of adult education and explore the topic in greater depth using the two emphases of internationalisation and digitalisation. The topics are presented from a perspective that defines them as a cross-sectional task guiding professional action in adult education. The focus lies on the discussion of (international) didactic models/approaches, concepts and methods that are (or can be) used in pedagogical and educational professional practice.

The focus of all topics is a continuous linking of theory and (didactic as well as methodological) practice. Based on selected theoretical principles, their application in professional practice becomes relevant. Therefore, the experiences from the students' professional fields are the origin. In order to link theory and practice with each other properly, the module uses the “future workshop” method, developed by Robert Jungk. Thus, this method is developed a) theoretically and b) as a didactic possibility for project and concept development, according to the principle of experience-based and self-directed learning.