Exploratory Focus of the Department

Foto: Torsten Silz
  • How do we learn with New Media? How can we establish them within the learning process?
  • How do we teach with New Media? How can we integrate them into the teaching process?
  • How is it possible to arrange teaching and learning processes more efficiently?
  • How do learners keep permanently motivated in spite of medial-based learning?
  • How can we improve communication via New Media?

These are the questions which we are interested in within our teaching and research activities. According to these, our exploratory focus covers the following research fields:

Instructional Design of New Media

Within this field of research we focus on the question: “How do we optimally design instructional software aiming to keep the learner motivated and to support the teacher efficiently within the teaching activities?” Instructional Design in a multimedia meaning has to be seen in the foreground.

Instructional Design in Teacher-Centred Approach

The optimal usage of New Media and its effective involvement into (traditional school) instruction is part of our research activities. The main question in this context is: “How can teachers use New Media and its possibilities effectively?”

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is an important component of our research and teaching activities given that this form of integrated learning combines the advantages of eLearning and face-to-face (FTF) attendance learning. In this respect, the contents of both areas have to be matched didactically.

Distance Teaching and Learning

The distance teaching and learning at the FernUniversität in Hagen is a sector where Blended Learning is already established with success. With our research results we want to contribute to the innovation and improvement of our distance teaching and learning.

The fields of research are of course divided into different thematic blocks and our Research Assistants are in charge of them according to their main research focus. The following topics are in the focus of our teaching and research activities and are accordingly taken on in our research projects:

Authentic Learning, Educational Technologies, Instructional Design, Intrinsic Motivation/Motivation, Lifelong Learning, Mobile Learning, Open Education, Social Media, Social Software, Technology Enhanced Learning, Volition.

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