Supervised modules

The chair of Media Didactics supervises two modules in the bachelor’s program "Educational Science" and two modules in the master’s program "Education and Media: eEducation". Subsequently, you will find general information on the degree programs themselves as well as more detailed information on the modules we specifically supervise.

  • Lifelong learning, the dissolution of traditional places of learning or the increasing overcoming of national borders in orientation are keywords of a changed educational landscape. The central task of a modernized educational science is the analysis of the associated processes and the provision of approaches for the design of educational processes. Especially under these changed social conditions, competencies are increasingly required that relate to the research, design, and evaluation of educational processes in a mediatized society.

    Seven chairs from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are involved in the B.A. program in Educational Science, six of which are from the Institute for Educational Science and Media Research. One module is additionally offered by a chair of Sociology.

    Module Support

    Module 25107 - Module 2B - General Didactics and Media Didactics

    • Jennifer Grüntjens
  • The Master's program Education and Media: eEducation is designed to enable students to research, analyze, plan, design and evaluate media-supported teaching and learning arrangements in a scientifically sound manner. In addition, students will acquire the ability to transfer the knowledge they have acquired into professional practice.

    The program is supported by the Institute for Educational Science and Media Research. On the pages of the institute, you can find information about your lecturers and the research focus of the institutes.

    New course structure

    Module support

    Module A1 - scientific positioning of education and media

    • Sabrina Schaper
    • Jana Tadesse

    Module B2 - lecture series media didactics

    • Christian Helbig
    • Paula Goerke
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