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Lifelong learning, the breakup of traditional extra-curricular locations and the progressive overcoming of national frontiers within orientation are keywords of a modified system of education. Central task of modern Educational Science is the analysis of the connected processes and the provision of approaches for the arrangement of educational processes. Exactly owing to these altered social conditions certain skills are getting more and more necessary referring to investigation, arrangement and evaluation of educational processes in a mediatised society.

The Bachelor’s Degree Program is about academic studies of theories, conceptions and the practice of Educational Science. The B.A. Program is socio-scientific-orientated inasmuch structures and functions of social interrelations are analysed, focusing on institutions in their interaction with processes of action and behaviour of individuals.

Further information concerning the Bachelors Degree Program B.A. Bildungswissenschaft (B.A. Educational Science) can be found on the website (German language).

Supervision of the Module

Module 2B: Allgemeine Didaktik und Mediendidaktik (General Didactics and Instructional Technology and Media)

Module 3B: Management und Durchführung einer Projektarbeit (Management and Accomplishment of an Educational Project)

Face-to-face- and Online-Seminars

You can find the offers to the current seminars of the Department of Instructional Technology and Media within this Bachelors Degree Program on the website (German language).

Bachelor Final Thesis

Information about the final thesis

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