Design Plan

Dear students of the B.A. Bildungswissenschaft (B.A. Educational Science) and the M.A. Bildung und Medien: eEducation (M.A. Education and Media: eEducation)

The available design plan has been developed by the Department of Instructional Technology and Media and should be used in first instance for the creation of your scientific thesis (Bachelor/Master). They offer indications for the conceptual structure and topic research as well as for the handling with possible quantitatives essentials and appropriate secondary literature.
Contemporaneously, the chosen format shall help to simplify the communication between you and your supervisor. The completable form fields enable both parties to make inputs, alterations and storages within the same document. These documents replace the communication via email or telephone given that you and your supervisor use the same data as basis.

Empirical Final Theses

Please send the completed design plan to the Secretariat of the Department of Instructional Technology and Media. Before registering your thesis at the Examination Office please present your structure and the theoretical part of your thesis to your supervisor. You need the approval of your supervisor for further work on your thesis.

Final theses without previous consultation of the topic, the research question, the experimental design and the index of contents are not accepted!

Here you will find an extract of possible topics (German language) for your thesis. You can find more tips, e.g. concerning admittance or formatting of paper, to your Bachelor Thesis at the Studienportal B.A. Bildungswissenschaft Studienportal (Homepage B.A. Educational Science) respectively to your Master Thesis at the Studienportal M.A. Bildung und Medien: eEducation (Homepage M.A. Education and Media: eEducation).

We wish you a lot of success for the creation of your Bachelor/Master Thesis!

Your Department of Instructional Technology and Media
Prof. Dr. Theo J. Bastiaens

Advice: You need the Adobe Reader to open the document and to fill out the form fields. Here you can find the actual version for your operating system.