Bildungswandeln 2015

In 2015 the subject of Augmented Learning/Augmented Reality was taken up again and implemented by the Department of Instructional Technology and Media via the second Bildungswandeln (Educational Walk and Change). Here you can learn more about the “Bildungswandeln 2015” (“Educational Walk and Change 2015”) and the applied platform holobuilder.

Which background does the Bildungswandeln (Educational Walk and Change) have?

The goal is to playfully connect basic approaches of Social Learning, Mobile Learning and AR/VR Learning. In this project new learning applications are integrated into the face-to-face seminarBildungswissenschaft an einem Tag” (“Educational Science in One Day”) to explore their potential. Here the main focus is on the Augmented Reality environments. However, the definition span covers a big scale according to Milgram (1994).

What is AR?

With the use of Augmented Reality it becomes possible to alter the way we perceive reality and to broaden it through virtual content. All human senses can be appealed to by this technology although our emphasis with the Bildungswandel (Educational Walk and Change) is on visual Augmented Reality.

Connecting new technologies and learning?

Supported by the didactically reasoned use of technology, learning takes place self-regulated and individually as well as embedded into the social context of the learner and in learning groups.

During the face-to-face seminar “Bildungswissenschaft an einem Tag” (“Educational Science in One Day”) on the 25th of April 2015 Prof. Dr. Bastiaens confronts the students with a new piece of FernUni reality. The participants have the opportunity to experience a “Bildungswandel”(Educational Walk and Change) and thus the FernUniversität in Hagen first hand in two different ways.

The participants get the chance to explore the campus both from Augmented Reality perspective (enhancement of reality by the means of virtual information) and from mere virtual perspective. They receive information on individual educational issues and are motivated to deal with these contents by provided tasks to work on.

At each station it is possible to gain points with which the participants can playfully compare themselves to the others and exchange contents in a concluding reflection – either during conversations on the spot or virtually through the for this purpose constituted Etherpad.

This year the Bildungswandel (Educational Walk and Change) was implemented using the in 2015 newly published platform holobuilder. On this platform it is possible to create an individual AR/VR environment on a graphical surface.

The following embedded application of the Bildungswandel (Educational Walk and Change) consists of eight stations (only in German language). Each station is provided with four elements (explanation of theory, example, task and navigation element). The application is best displayed in both Chrome and Firefox browers. (Please give the site time to load so that it can present itself in its full glory.)

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