Are you fit for Distance Study? A self-check (Selbst-Check) with purpose to self-reflection can help in the decision process (only in German language).

For those who ask themselves if a Distance Study could be the right decision we have developed a self-check (Selbst-Check) within the Department of Instructional Technology and Media. The self-check contains with the responses the following topics:

  1. Differences between Distance Study and Attendance Study (Unterschiede zwischen Fernstudium und Präsenzstudium)
  2. Indicators for good fittings (Indikatoren für eine gute Ausrüstung)
  3. Handling of obstacles (Umgang mit Hürden)
  4. Motivation and Volition (Motivation und Wille)
  5. Orientation guide for the Distance Study (Orientierungshilfen für das Fernstudium)

Here you can get to the Self-Check Distance Study (Selbst-Check Fernstudium)!

Mediendidaktik | 13.08.2021