Volitions Test

Already in the year 2006 the Department of Instructional Technology and Media has developed a Volitions Test in form of an online questionnaire which sheds light on the own learning behaviour. Since its release the Volitions Test enjoys great popularity, not only among the students at the FernUniversität in Hagen.

In 2012 Dr. Markus Deimann got an eLearning Award for the Online Volitions Test by way of an exceptional award in the category “Learning Strategy” from the eLearning Journal – a trade journal for eLearning and knowledge management.
“This award is an appreciation and appraisal for our developed Volitions Test and therefore for our scientific work,” Dr. Markus Deimann stated and was pleased.

The jury of the eLearning Journal declares inter alia in the explanatory statement with respect to the award for the Volitions Test: “The project receives an eLearning Award, because this kind of innovative and public form of rapid self-evaluation is important for the individual development. (…) In connection with the strategic handbook results a real chance to get a better learner.”

The online questionnaire offers you the following information:

  • a detailed profile about your learning behaviour
  • an analysis of your will power
  • recommendations for a goal-oriented action and
  • directly applicable strategies.

The anonymous test is at no charge, based on scientific findings and provides a real chance to improve the own learning behaviour.

Here you can find the Volitons-Test! (only in German language)

Mediendidaktik | 13.08.2021