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Models and methods of economic decision theory and quantitative optimization are the focus of research at the Chair of Operations Research. In terms of staff exist several specialized research areas sorted into the following categories:

Data Envelopment Analysis

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Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a method for measuring the efficiency of organizations, so-called Decision Making Units (DMU). The DEA allows a comparison of profit and non-profit organizations based on a variety of criteria.

Probabilistic Knowledge Processing


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Knowledge based systems are able to manage uncertain, subjective and vague knowledge. One research area considers probabilistic facts and rules suitable for communication between user and system, since probabilities are particularly able to quantify given dependencies. In this context probabilities have either be estimated by an expert or can be calculated using statistical data.

Renewable Energies

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Applications in OR

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Quantitative methods provide a good opportunity for decision support in business administration. There exist manifold applications of Operations Research in various disciplines. Current research interests at our chair focus particularly on the model building and solution support in the areas of "Business Decision Theory" and "Supply Chain Management".