Max Pernklau

Max Pernklau Photo: pernklau

Email: max.pernklau

Phone: +49 2331 987-4167

Room: I 212

Short biography

After graduating in Physics, Max Pernklau joined Aldi Nord as a data scientist. He began working on his PhD in late 2023, continuing work at Aldi part-time.

Academic career

since 2023 Research assistant, research group Data Science, Fernuniversität Hagen

Professional career

since 2022 Data Scientist at Aldi Nord, location-dependent sales modelling, fraud detection


2017 - 2020 Master of Science Physics, TU Dortmund University: MC simulations, ML, neutrino astronomy
2014 - 2017 Bachelor of Science, Physics, TU Dortmund: dynamic systems theory, phase space visualizations, QCD

Research Area

  • Speeding up similarity searches: Indexing metric and Ptolemaic spaces
Katharina Brinkel | 10.05.2024