Dr.-Ing. Doan Trung Son

Doan Trung Son Foto: privat

Stipendiat bis Juli 2017

Promotion 2017
"On Trustworthiness Recommendation"


  • I am mainly interested in Security. I am especially interested in Trust in Online Social Networks, Random Walks, Graph Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Phishing Technology and Credit Crime, DDoS Attack.


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  • T.S. Doan, M. Kubek and H. Unger, Activity and Content-based Trust Estimation in Online Social Network. International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Application (NOLTA), HongKong, 2015.
  • T.S. Doan, M. Kubek and H. Unger, Mutual Influences between Trust and Online Social Network Systems. 8th GI Conference on Autonomous Systems, Mallorca, 2015.
  • T.S Doan, DDoS Attack Technology and Application in Police Tasks. Technology and Environment Science, 2012.
  • T.S Doan, Phishing Technology and Credit Crime, Technology and Environment Science. Page 48-50, Number 04/2009a.
  • T.S Doan, N.T. Thuy, Solutions Deductive Effect in F rule Knowledge Systems. Science & Technology. Page 35-39, Number 65/2008.
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