„Exploiting practical limitations of UML diagrams for model validation and execution“
Friedrich Steimann
Heribert Vollmer
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erschienen in:
Journal on Software & Systems Modeling 5:1 (2006) 26-47
We suggest a framework for UML diagram validation and execution that takes advantage of some of the practical restrictions induced by diagrammatic representations (as compared to Turing equivalent programming languages) by exploiting possible gains in decidability. In particular, within our framework we can prove that an object interaction comes to an end, or that one action is always performed before another. Even more appealingly, we can compute efficiently whether two models are equivalent (aiding in the redesign or refactoring of a model), and what the differences between two models are. The framework employs a simple modelling object language (called MOL) for which we present formal syntax and semantics. A first generation of tools has been implemented that allows us to collect experience with our approach, guiding its further development.