Research at LME

Foto: Torsten Silz

The lab combines basic and applied research from a cognitive psychology perspective with special emphasis on psychological processes relevant for digital education techniques and sustainability / protection of environment. Below you find a list of topics. For lists of publications please see the pages of the lab members

  • Cognitive processes in choice, learning, and multitasking (Dr. Christoph Naefgen)
  • Learning and motivation in online learning environments (Dr. E. Helin Yaban Yalçın; Monica Mary Heil)
  • Learning and deciding with data graphs (Dr. Christine Blech, Dr. Daniel Reimann, Dr. Mariam Katsarava)
  • Supporting communication for patients in intensive care units (Christina Weckwerth)
  • Information and motivation in protection of environment/sustainability (Dr. E. Helin Yaban Yalçın, Dr. Mariam Katsarava)
  • The lab cooperates with the following research clusters of FernUniversität [ ]:
    (1) Center of Advanced Technology Assisted Learning and Predictive Analytics (CATALPA)
    (2) Energy, Environment & Sustainability
  • The contributes to the development and uses the Hagen archive on history of psychology:


Allgemeine Psychologie: LME | 10.05.2024