Cognitive Psychology of Multimedia Learning

Open Moodle Course getting started

We are offering an Open Moodle Course Cognitive Psychology of Multimedia Learning. Official start will be April 1st 2020 (no fool’s day, but fool’s day might be covered in the course). Yet, we strongly encourage interested students to enroll in the course already today (see below). This will allow you to access the material and will allow us to (1) keep you informed and (2) prepare based on a clear estimate of the number of participants.

What is it about?

Multimedia is everywhere: whether you are looking at the schedule screens at a railway station or reading news with pictures. It has changed education significantly. This course on Cognitive Psychology of Multimedia Learning is an asynchronous Open Moodle course with 10 video lectures (e.g., data graphs, games, comics). It covers the most recent research findings in one of the most popular areas in psychology. Students have access to bonus materials like interviews and keynote talks of international famous psychologists, e.g. from Germany, Sweden, and Finland. Moreover, students can have a hands-on experience to current computer-administered cognitive psychological experiments (based on JavaScript) and R Shiny apps to visually explore psychological theories in interactive graphs.

Video lectures, expert interviews and research articles covered deal with the following questions:

  • What are the cognitive processes of multimedia learning?
  • What reduces extraneous processing? What helps to manage essential processing and foster generative processing?
  • What are schematic figures in graphics?
  • Are animations intrinsically superior to static graphics?
  • Are computer games useful as learning tools?
  • Do we learn better from the classroom courses than from e-courses?
  • How do we create meaning out of sequential images?
  • How can we promote learning by personifying and appealing essential graphics?
  • How to generate visual explanations to enhance learning?

The course has been developed by Dr. Fang Zhao (Experimental Psychology Learning Emotion Motivation, Faculty of Psychology, FernUniversität in Hagen).

The course targets at students of Bachelor’s programs who want to work on an additional 5 ECTS course that supports the acquisition of psychological knowledge relevant for many potential jobs."

The course targets at students who are interested in psychological findings on the topic multimedia learning. The course is an optional and voluntary course that is offered in the Open Moodle Platform. The 5 ECTS offered by the course cannot be credited for the B. Sc. Psychology study programme at FernUniversiät in Hagen. The certificate however can be used as a qualification for job applications.

How to register?
  • 1. Create an Open Moodle account via ( or scan the following QR code.
  • 2. Login in to the course.
  • 3. Start learning.
  • 4. After completion of all the materials and the final quiz, receive a course certificate.

Patrick Rostane | 10.05.2024