Chair of Environmental Sciences

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Welcome to the website of the Chair of Environmental Sciences at the FernUniversität in Hagen!

You will find here information about our activities in research, teaching & transfer.

As a multidisciplinary research area, the participating members deal with sustainability-oriented problems resulting from local, regional and global environmental changes. For this purpose, we use basic principles from natural science disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology. Furthermore, we use technical disciplines such as environmental, process and energy engineering, as well as social science approaches to investigate the relationship between humans and the environment.

Head of department: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Görge Deerberg

Accessibility of the teaching area

Due to the currently limited presence at the university, we can only be reached on site and by telephone to a limited extent until further notice. Therefore, please send us your inquiries primarily by e-mail. We will then arrange individual appointments with you. We ask for your understanding.


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