Never Too Old: A Review of the Determinants of IT Task Performance in Older Adults From a Digital Transformation Standpoint
Markus Nöltner
Julia Krönung
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Proceedings of the 26th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2020), 10-14 August, Virtual, 2020.

In a process known as the digital transformation, contemporary societies continue to morph into network societies, in which social interaction gets mediated by electronic channels. Using IT well (i.e. successfully) therefore becomes a necessary precondition for participation and inclusion in society. However, old adults, who did not grow up with IT, find themselves at a disadvantage and existent explanations for their IT task performance like the deficiency approach do not seem to suffice. Informed by active aging as a theoretical lens, we propose IT task performance as an important means to the social inclusion of older adults in the digital transformation of societies. Based on a review of the existent literature, we call for greater attention to the determinants of IT task performance, especially to those that originate from the social context of use, into which the concept of social inclusion actually expects older adults to integrate.