The Social Mark of Specialized Information Systems for People with Disabilities
Julia Krönung
Florian Pethig
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Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2019), München, Deutschland, 2019.

Technological innovations have succeeded to provide assistance in many aspects for the lives of people with disabilities. However, many information systems specifically developed to provide assistance for people with disabilities are rejected because they are linked to a marked status and, therefore, unintentionally establish a segregation between people with disabilities and without disabilities. In this study, we combine stigma consciousness and the degree of disability with perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use to understand the adoption of specialized information systems for people with disabilities. By using data from 108 mobility-impaired users, we show that both stigma consciousness and degree of disability have strong direct impacts on the adoption of a map service specifically developed for people with disabilities. These results show that information systems linked to a marked status may indeed be perceived negatively despite their functional value.