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Chair for General Education

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From left to right: Kilian Hüfner, Miriam Diederichs, Ann-Kathrin Hoffmann, Marc Fabian Buck, Nadia Wester, Fiona Hollmann, Karen Vois, Jan Frederik Bossek, Nina Buzengeiger. Not pictured: Johanna Profft.

Acting Chair

Marc Fabian Buck

Our department is dedicated to conceptual-theoretical reflections and empirical research of pedagogical phenomena against the background of a systematic approach. The general aspect of general educational consists of a converging, comparative and differentiating approach to social science, cultural science and humanities perspectives on the basic concepts of upbringing, education, learning, socialization and development. In addition to the theoretical discussion, the historical perspective is indispensable for our epistemological interest.

In this way, our perspective unites empirical research and theory as two interdependent moments. Theory gives meaning to empiricism, just as empiricism is the occasion and goal of theoretical reflection. Current transformations of society as well as of pedagogy serve as the central object of our reflections. These are, for example, migration movements and their significance for education, education for sustainable development (ESD), technologization and digitalization, economization and the like. We observe not only how pedagogical practices change, but also the practice of science itself.

In addition to the introduction to educational science (Module 1A in the Bachelor's program of the same name), we are responsible for "Childhood and Youth Research" (Module 3F), a differential pedagogy in which the above-mentioned historical-systematic perspectives are applied. In this, we are concerned with the reflection of childhood and adolescence as global phenomena as well as specific tasks and challenges associated with this phase of life. In the new Master's program in Educational Science, we are responsible for Module A4, one of the four basic modules.

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Under Studies and Teaching you will find further information on the degree programmes supervised by the department and on theses.

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Under research you will find information about our projects and the youth research conference.




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