Habilitation at the Chair of Communication Networks

Name Theme
Mario M. Kubek

Concepts and Methods for a Librarian of the Web

  • Lecture "Ant Colony Optimisation", 15th October 2018
  • Scientific Talk "Das Bitcoin-System", 12th November 2018
  • Conferral of Venia Legendi for "Computer Science", 14th January 2019

The habilitation treatise was published by Springer-Verlag with the Print ISBN 978-3-030-23135-4 and the Online ISBN 978-3-030-23136-1.

Doctorates at the Chair of Communication Networks

Name Theme
Dimitri Samorukov Dezentrale Anwendungen: Operationen auf verteilten Daten, 21st December 2020
[external work]
Chalermpol Tapsai Thai Language Segmentation by Automatic Ranking Trie with Misspelling Correction, 7th May 2020 [thai-german binational doctorate]
[Thesis, University Library]
Yanyong Huang Dynamic Knowledge Acquisition from Complex Data with Rough Sets, 14th January 2020 [chinese-german binational doctorate]
[Thesis, University Library]
Günter Fahrnberger Editing Encrypted Messages Without Decrypting Nor Understanding Them, 7th June 2019 [external work]
[Thesis, University Library]
Son Doan Trung On Trustworthiness Recommendation, 23.06.2017
[Thesis, University Library]
Zoltan Szeifert Deflection Queuing. Preventing Head-of-Line Blocking in Communication Network Switches, 16.10.2014 [external work]
Hauke Coltzau Dezentrale Netzwelten als Interaktions- und Handelsplattformen, 14.12.2012
[Thesis, University Library]
Coskun Akinalp Analyse, Simulation und Experimente von limbischen Charakteren mit Minoritäten Spielen und Computernetzwerken, 08.06.2012 [external work]
Mario M. Kubek Dezentrale, kontextbasierte Steuerung der Suche im Internet, 13.04.2012
[Thesis, University Library]
Lada-On Lertsuwanakul Multiple Criteria Routing Algorithms in Mesh Overlay Networks, 11.04.2012
[Thesis, University Library] [VDI-Schriftenreihe Nr. 818, Reihe Informatik/Kommunikation, ISBN 978-3-18-381810-5], out of print
Miguel Angel Rojas Gonzáles Heuristische Routingverfahren für unstrukturierte P2P Netzwerke, 30.03.2012
[Thesis, University Library] [VDI-Schriftenreihe Nr. 819, Reihe Informatik/Kommunikation, ISBN 978-3-18-381910-2], out of print
Sunantha Sodsee Placing Files on the Nodes of Peer-to-Peer-Systems, 8.11.2011
[VDI-Schriftenreihe Nr. 816, Reihe Informatik/Kommunikation, ISBN 978-3-18-381610-1], out of print
Stefan Bonerz Konzeption und Entwicklung eines 125-kHz-Transpondersystems zum Einsatz in Werkzeugmaschinen, 19.04.2010

Doctorates with Prof. Unger at the University of Rostock

Name Theme
Markus Wulff Untersuchungen zur Strukturbildung in P2P-Netzen durch „Random Walker“, January 2006
German Sakarian A Content-Oriented Approach to Topology Evolution and Search in Peer-to-Peer Systems, November 2005
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